New Horizons in Galactic Center Astronomy and Beyond

New Horizons in GC Astronomy and Beyond

Oral Presentations

The presentation time is 40+5 min. for each overview (o), 25+5 min. for each invited review (r), 20+5 min. for each solicited talk (s), 12+3 min. for each contributed talk (c), and 1 min. for poster flash presentation.
Abstract Book is here: (html) (pdf).

Day 1: Monday, 21 October 2019 (9:30-18:30)

  • 09:30-09:35  Opening Remarks

Session 1: Reviews

  • 09:35-10:20  (o) Katsuji Koyama, "The Origin of the Galactic Center X-ray Emission"
    10:20-11:05  (o) Mark Krumholz, "Star Formation and Gas Dynamics of the Central Molecular Zone"
    11:05-11:25  Coffee Break
    11:25-12:10  (o) Nanase Harada, "The chemistry in the Galactic Center"
    12:10-14:00  Lunch Break


Session 2: Properties and Dynamics in the Central Molecular Zone

  • 14:00-14:30  (r) Kazushi Sakamoto, "Central Molecular Zones in Galaxies"
    14:30-15:00  (r) Cornelia Lang, "The Role of the Magnetic Field in the CMZ: Recent Observational Results"
    15:00-15:15  (c) Thomas R. Geballe, "The Motion and Distribution of Warm Low-density Gas in the Central Molecular Zone
         as Revealed by the Spectrum of H3+"
    15:15-15:30  (c) Mattia Sormani, "The geometry of the gas surrounding the Central Molecular Zone: on the origin of localised
         molecular clouds with extreme velocity dispersions"
    15:30-15:45  (c) Juergen Ott, "A SWAG view of Large and Small Scale Properties of Molecular Gas in the CMZ"
    15:45-16:00  (c) Dylan Pare, "A Radio Polarimetric Study of the Galactic Center Radio Arc: Characterizing Rotation Measure
         and Magnetic Field Distributions"
    16:00-16:20  Coffee Break
    16:20-16:35  (c) Maya Petkova, "Gas flows in galactic centre environments: cloud evolution and star formation in the CMZ"
    16:35-16:50  (c) Katharina Immer, "How maser observations unravel the gas motions in the Galactic Center"
    16:50-17:05  (c) Shiho Tsujimoto, "Detection of Another Molecular Bubble in the Galactic Center
    17:05-18:30  Poster Flash Presentation ([1] - [43]) + Viewing

Day 2: Tuesday, 22 October 2019 (9:30-18:30) 

Session 3: Evolution of the Galactic Nucleus

  • 09:30-10:00  (r) Roman Krivonos, "Observations of the neutron star and black hole binary population in the Galactic Center"
    10:00-10:25  (s) Shunya Takekawa, "Intermediate-mass black hole candidates in the Galactic center"
    10:25-10:40  (c) Masato Tsuboi, "Ionized Gas Ring Rotating around the Galactic Center IMBH, IRS13E3"
    10:40-11:00  Coffee Break
    11:00-11:15  (c) Manuel Arca Sedda, "Intermediate-mass ratio inspirals in galactic nuclei"
    11:15-11:30  (c) Naoteru Gouda, "Galactic Center Archeology through the exploration of the nuclear bulge
         by Small-JASMINE (infrared space astrometry mission)"
    11:30-11:45  (c) Nadeen B. Sabha, "Extreme young star clusters with MAORY+MICADO at the ELT: the Arches cluster"


Session 4: Accretion and Feedback in the Galactic Center

  • 11:45-12:15  (r) Gunther Witzel, "The variability of Sagittarius A* in the NIR and the X-rays"
    12:15-14:00  Lunch Break
    14:00-14:25  (s) Pei-Ying Hsieh, "Dynamics of streamers towards the circumnuclear disk - on-going mass accretion"
    14:25-14:55  (r) Lia Corrales, "Interpreting Low-Luminosity Accretion Flow from the Extended Quiescent Emission of Sgr A*"
    14:55-15:10  (c) Sebastiano von Fellenberg, "A detection of Sgr A* in the far infrared"
    15:10-15:25  (c) Farhad Yusef-Zadeh, "Interacting Cosmic-ray Particles in the Galactic Center: Blowing in the Wind"
    15:25-15:40  (c) Geoffrey Bower, "ALMA Polarimetry and Broadband Spectroscopy of Sgr A*: Probing the Accretion Flow from
         the Event Horizon to the Bondi Radius"
    15:40-16:00  Coffee Break
    16:00-16:15  (c) Hope Boyce, "Flaring in the Heart of the Milky Way: X-ray and Infrared Variability of Sgr A*"
    16:15-16:30  (c) Anna Ciurlo, "Abundant G-objects detected at the center of the Galaxy"
  • 16:30-18:30  Poster Flash Presentation ([44] - [91]) + Viewing

Day 3: Wednesday, 23 October 2019 (9:30-18:10)

Session 5: Testing General Relativity with Sgr A*

  • 09:30-10:00  (r) Michael Johnson, "Imaging Sgr A* with the Event Horizon Telescope: Status and Prospects"
    10:00-10:25  (s) Sara Issaoun, "The Size, Shape, and Scattering of Sagittarius A*"
    10:25-10:55  (r) Feryal Ozel, "Black Hole Physics with the Event Horizon Telescope"
    10:55-11:15  Coffee Break
    11:15-11:30  (c) Maciek Wielgus, "Analyzing time variability of Sgr A* in the Event Horizon Telescope data"
    11:30-11:45  (c) Yosuke Mizuno, "Testing Theories of Gravity via Black Hole Shadows in Sgr A*"
    11:45-12:00  (c) Alejandra Jimenez-Rosales, "Polarisation signatures on event horizon scales of accreting black holes"

    12:00-12:05  Group Photo
    12:05-14:00  Lunch Break
    14:00-14:30  (r) Frank Eisenhauer, "General Relativistic Effects Around the Galactic Center Black Hole"
    14:30-14:55  (s) Tuan Do, "Tests of Gravity with Stellar Orbits at the Galactic Center"
    14:55-15:10  (c) Michi Bauboeck, "Modeling the Orbital Motion of Infrared Flares"


Session 6: Star Formation in the Galactic Center

  • 15:10-15:40  (r) Steven Longmore, "Star Formation in the Galactic Centre"
    15:40-15:55  (c) Rei Enokiya, "Evidence for the major cloud-cloud collisions in the Central Molecular Zone"
    15:55-16:15  Coffee Break
    16:15-16:45  (r) Shu-ichiro Inutsuka, "Star Formation in the Galactic Center and Disk"
    16:45-17:00  (c) Pablo Garcia, "Understanding Massive Star Formation Processes in Harsh and High Metallicity Environments,
         The Interaction between the Arches Cluster and the Arched-Filaments in the Galactic Centre"
    17:00-17:15  (c) Francisco Nogueras-Lara, "The extraordinarily variable star formation history of the nuclear disc of the Milky Way"
    17:15-17:30  (c) Andreas Schwoerer, "Converging filaments in the high-mass cluster forming region Sgr B2(N)"
    17:30-17:45  (c) Daniel Callanan, "THE CENTRE OF M83 AND THE CMZ: TWINS AT HEART?"
    17:45-18:00  (c) Daniel Walker, "Unveiling the hidden star formation in the Galactic Centre dust ridge with ALMA"
    18:00-18:15  (c) Ashley Barnes, "Young massive cluster formation in the Galactic Centre"
  • 19:30-21:30  Conference Dinner (Yokohama Monolith)


Day 4: Thursday, 24 October 2019 (9:30-18:30)

Session 7: The Galactic Center Stellar Population

  • 09:30-10:00  (r) Rainer Schoedel, "The nuclear stellar disc and cluster of the Milky Way"
    10:00-10:25  (s) Sebastiano von Fellenberg (substitute for Maryam Habibi), "Stellar populations in the heart of our Galaxy"
    10:25-10:40  (c) Lorant Sjouwerman, "A Masing BAaDE's window"
    10:40-11:00  Coffee Break
    11:00-11:15  (c) Banafsheh Shahzamanian, "First results from a large-scale proper motion study of the Galactic Centre"
    11:15-11:30  (c) Ekaterina Kuznetsova, "The X-ray background emission of the Galactic center and bulge with NuSTAR"
    11:30-11:45  (c) Sera Markoff, "The Galactic Centre compact object population as a probe for alternate source of Galactic cosmic rays"
    11:45-12:00  (c) Mathias Schultheis, "Evidence of a chemical difference between the Galactic Center and the surrounding inner bulge stellar
    12:00-14:00  Lunch Break
    14:00-14:15  (c) Shogo Nishiyama, "Metallicity of late-type stars very close to the Galactic supermassive black hole"  


Session 8: High Energy Process, Dark Matter in the Galactic Center

  • 14:15-14:45  (r) Shunsaku Horiuchi, "Particle Astrophysics of the Galactic Center"
    14:45-15:15  (r) Kumiko Nobukawa, "Measurement of Low-Energy Cosmic rays"
    15:15-15:40  (s) Shinya Nakashima, "Recent progress in X-ray observations of outflows from the Galactic Center"
    15:40-15:55  (c) Takeshi Oka, "High cosmic ray flux in the Galactic center probed by the H3+ spectrum"
    15:55-16:15  Coffee Break
    16:15-16:30  (c) Lars Bergstrom, "Dark Matter at the Galactic Center - dead or alive?"
    16:30-16:45  (c) Hideki Uchiyama, "Discovery of a Recombining Plasma in Sagittarius A East and its Relation to the Past Activity of
         Sagittarius A*"
    16:45-17:00  (c) Yang Ruizhi, "Galactic center, Fermi bubble and Beyond"
    17:00-17:15  (c) Haoning He, "Neutrinos From The Galactic Center Hosting A Hypernova Remnant"
    17:15-17:30  Coffee Break
  • 17:30-18:15  Panel Discussion
  • 18:15-18:30  Closing Remarks



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